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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Canvassing for Darcy

Today was a nationwide canvassing push for many Democratic campaigns in top tier races. Fresh off their third straight fund raising win vs. the Reichert campaign, the Darcy Burner campaign was calling on volunteers to help them in an "Ultimate Day of Canvassing" push.

The reward: additional fund raising help in the form of a letter from Rham Emanuel, chairman of the DCCC, to the campaign's existing donor list. Since many donors to the Burner campaign are still far from maxing out on their potential contributions, there remains a huge amount of upside in the money the campaign could still bring in from individuals between now and the November election.

However, this also gave people another excuse to just help spread the word about Darcy Burner and the volunteers responded in droves to do so. The photo below was taken today of a number of the volunteers there around mid-day.

Darcy Burner Campaign Volunteers

I also captured the group gathering for the photo in a short video. By the time this was taken most of the volunteers were already out canvassing in various neighborhoods.

I had stopped by the Bellevue campaign office to check things out and observe the bustle. Volunteers were dispatched to various areas to knock on doors and engage with voters to tell them about Darcy. I myself went out and worked a neighborhood not far from where I live. Multiple rooms were filled with more people calling voters to tell them about Darcy. The place was buzzing with energy and eager volunteers and by the time I left in the early-afternoon, they had easily surpassed 120 volunteers. Word from the Auburn office was that at least 50 volunteers had signed in by that time as well.

By all measures the day was a great success and will have helped reach more and more voters, which is what the campaign needs to keep doing. Next week yard signs will start sprouting all over the district as the Primary season ends and the General Election season begins in earnest. With election day now just 60 days away these campaign pushes will become more and more urgent.

Just one last reminder: if you aren't yet registered to vote, while that will mean you cannot vote in the Primaries, you still have until October 7 to send in mail-in registrations, and until October 23 to register in-person to vote on November 7th. Don't get caught out by leaving things too late, and remind your friends and neighbors as well.

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Comment by: Anonymous Lynn


Nice piece. Looks like it was fun too. Thanks.

9/10/2006 11:05 AM PT  
Comment by: Anonymous Anonymous

I was there at the Bellevue office saturday and had fun talking to other volunteers and making up hundreds of "Elect Darcy Burner" buttons!!

Pete McGowan(CoolAqua)

9/11/2006 10:27 AM PT  

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