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Friday, September 08, 2006

Burner Out Raises Reichert - Again!

The Pre-Primary fundraising numbers are in at the FEC, and Darcy Burner has once again raised more money than Dave Reichert, by over $113,000.

In the two months period of July and August, Burner raised $311,980 (over $217,000 from individual contributors), and has $727,607 on hand.

In contrast Reichert only raised $198,043 (only $111,959 from individual contributors), and has $1,131,479 on hand.

Note, Peter Goldmark's numbers are posted too, and he has raised an impressive $305,007 in the same period, mostly all from individual contributors. McMorris raised only $161,901.

All this bodes well for both Burner and Goldmark getting their message out to voters in the coming two months.

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