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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Loss of Seattle Sonics Will Reduce Road Congestion

So the Sonics will move, supposedly with a new name, colors and logo to Oklahoma City next year.

While Don Ward is blaming elected officials for this, instead of Howard Schultz who sold the team to the Oklahoma buyers a couple of years ago, I'd think that Republicans should be dancing in the street over this news. After all, the absence of the Sonics will result in 41 nights of less of road congestion, particularly along the always troublesome Mercer, Valley and Broad Streets.

Alternatively we could have poured hundreds of millions of public dollars into financing the construction of a new arena to prop up a money losing private business venture. Perhaps that's good public policy to some, but most people in this area didn't think so. Maybe it is time for city sports teams to be actually owned by the citizens of the city and the fans. At least then we'd make more responsible decisions, and the team wouldn't move to another town.

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