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Monday, July 07, 2008

Bush, Indebted to the Chinese, Will Attend Opening Olympic Ceremony

So President Bush has declared that it would be "an affront to the Chinese people" if he were to not attend the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing in August.

I'm sure one could quibble about whether or not the Chinese would prefer he attend, and of course it will be an affront to many Americans if he does attend, but given that China owns $500 billion of U.S. Treasury Securities, and over $1 trillion in dollar denominated assets, one can understand why Bush might not want to piss the Chinese off any more than necessary, even while his popularity here continues to set new record lows.

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Comment by: Blogger Ajaz Haque

It is a good thing that Bush is attending the opening ceremonies at Beijing Olympics. No doubt China's record on human rights needs drastic improvement, but look at what China has achieved in pat 20 years.

It has provided livelihood to millions of its people improved their standards of living and quality of life. This is a tremendous accomplishment for a nation of this size which could have otherwise slid into poverty or chaos.

Besides US has no qualms spending billions of dollars buying Chine goods each year, taking in billions of dollars from Chinese in US Treasury Bills, so why not attend the Olympics?

7/08/2008 11:23 AM PT  

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