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Friday, June 13, 2008

WA State Democratic Convention: Day One, Part Two

I'm in attendance at the Blogging Workshop, with Goldstein and John Wyble. It is a large crowd of people interested in the technical side, or the political side, or just generally curious about political blogging.

I'm generally here to keep an eye on Goldy, and to see how he may or may not be mis-representing what it is we do. I've heard David speak about blogging a number of times and he does a pretty good job of covering the issues of interest... and he loves to talk, of course, which helps.

Previously I attended the Burner campaign luncheon. Paul Berendt introduced Darcy Burner to a packed room of about 140 attendees. Burner received a number of standing ovations, and a lot of verbal support and pledges for financial support. Again, I recognized a lot of faces from the 8th CD at the various tables. She talked about the Iraq occupation and her Responsible Plan, as well as the economy and immigration issues, and of course campaigning to get out the vote.

After the lunch I heard that Tim Russert had died of a heart attack at age 58. The news is getting a lot of shocked reaction as people hear about it, as one would expect. It reminds me that at the 8th CD Caucus the news of Ted Kennedy's seizure was announced.

When you're at an event and a little cut off from the outside world it seems that attention getting news is just a little more attention getting when you read or hear it. Like this story for instance: McCain: Guantanamo Ruling One of the ‘Worst Decisions’ in History. Whoa - did he really say that? Perhaps he thinks it ranks up there with the invasion of Iraq as worst decisions in history go?

Meanwhile, David is still talking... but the large audience are well engaged and he and John are making some interesting observations to some good points, regarding interfacing with the press, attracting attention to ones blog, and netroots organizing. This is very free-form; no slides, no notes, and mostly audience question driven.

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