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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Jane Hague Claimed College Degree She Didn't Have

The Jane Hague saga seems to never end:
(Seattle Times) When Jane Hague was appointed King County's manager of records and elections in 1986, she submitted a résumé that claimed a college degree she didn't have.

Hague, now a Metropolitan King County Council member running for re-election, acknowledged making the misleading claim Friday, saying she was trying at the time to get credits from another university transferred to Western Michigan University so she could graduate.

"I jumped the gun," she said of her claim that she had a bachelor of science degree.

Western Michigan later informed her she would have to take additional classes to graduate — something she didn't do. "What I should have done is gone back and corrected that résumé, and I didn't. But I have taken responsibility for it," said Hague, R-Bellevue.
She has? How exactly did she take responsibility? Her entire career since 1986 has been predicated on her trumping up her educational credentials so that she could get a job. Her last 21 years of employment, first through appointment, and then at the discretion of voters, have been built on the foundation of a college degree she had not earned. Just ask yourself if you would have been hired had your employer discovered you lied on your resume. And just because she's admitting to the fact, now that she cannot hide the truth any longer, she has taken responsibility for it?

I don't think so.

Add all this to her drunk driving arrest in June, also kept secret until recently discovered, and it is clear Hague is not fit to serve another term representing King County residents.

Hague will have taken responsibility for it all the day she resigns. Should she choose to not do so, voters should take matters in their own hands and fire her. Mail-in ballots will soon be arriving in mail boxes. I don't care if you can't vote for Richard Pope, you can always write in another candidate, but it would be beyond the pale to cast a vote for someone who lied on her resume, and kept that a secret for 21 years.

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Comment by: Anonymous noneforsix

I agree completely. But I have no faith in Richard Pope as well. I'm a District 6 voter and I will vote a write-in candidate of NONE. This will send a CLEAR message to the candidate who is lucky enough to get their 1000 votes or so that the voters of District 6 have NO faith in either one. More info at: http://noneforsix.blogspot.com

10/26/2007 11:38 AM PT  

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