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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Jane Hague's Fabricated Educational Resume

The news about Jane Hague, Republican King County Councilmember, keeps going from bad to worse.

First she gets caught driving drunk and is abusive during her arrest.

Now it turns out that she's been cooking the books regarding her educational past.

Her opponent, Richard Pope, who has a habit of hunting down hidden facts others seem to miss, dug up the inconsistency between the published accounts of Jane Hague's educational background (provided by Hague) and reality:
"It's absolutely astounding that she would make these kind of claims, because anybody could have picked up the phone and found out in five minutes that she wasn't telling the truth," Pope said.
Few have been giving Richard Pope a chance to topple the incumbent Hague, but how anyone could vote for a drunk driver, let alone an apparently abusive, drunk driver, with a fabricated resume, just seems beyond me.

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