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Friday, September 21, 2007

Jane Hague Apparently Lied About Her Resume

It keeps getting worse and worse for Jane Hague.

First she gets caught driving drunk and is abusive during her arrest.

Then it turns out that her educational resume falsely claimed she had received a bachelors degree from Western Michigan University.

And now the Seattle Times has shown that in her denials she has in fact been lying when she claims it was the fault of others:

Now a document from the files of the Municipal League of King County shows she signed and then submitted a biographical sketch in 1993 that stated she had earned a bachelor of science degree in business and economics from Western Michigan University.

Hague attended the university 1964-68, but the school says she never graduated.
Throughout all of these episodes we've seen the reactions of a person who when faced with damning evidence against her lashed out at the messenger.

When she was arrested for drunk driving the officers reported that she was "sarcastic" and "condescending." She lashed out at the officers saying, "This is f---- ridiculous, don't you have rapists to take off the street?" and it was reported by one of the officers that "several times (Hague) stated I should be out looking for real criminals, and sarcastically stated that my mother must be proud of me."

When a Seattle Times reporter asked her about published reports in past years that stated she had a degree, Hague's response was, "Are you trying to call me a liar?"

Well it turns out that although they weren't trying to call her a liar, that's apparently what she was: a liar.

Her behavior in response to the public disclosure of her drunk driving arrest and falsified college degree has been terrible, and not what you would expect from a King County Council member. Even her one apology was not for driving drunk, but for getting caught and cursing out the officers arresting her. She should be kicked out of her seat for these transgressions, and should be severely reprimanded for her subsequent behavior. This is not the kind of person we want representing us in any kind of public position, let alone one of such importance.

It appears that up until now Jane Hague has been getting a free pass on her record and behavior. That time has come to an end.

It is time to vote her out!

3 Comment(s):

Comment by: Blogger mark

It's worse for you liberals, because you couldn't find a decent candidate to run against her. Must sting, huh?

9/21/2007 6:22 PM PT  
Comment by: Blogger Daniel Kirkdorffer

Jane Hague's behavior isn't a problem that just concerns liberals. This is unacceptable behavior regardless of one's political persuasion - or at least it should be. How anyone could vote for Hague given all this is beyond me. Richard Pope can hardly be worse than Jane Hague, and is a perfectly acceptable alternative to someone who lies about a resume and drives drunk.

9/21/2007 8:47 PM PT  
Comment by: Anonymous None For Six

Jane and Richard. Let someone else play. Please, if you live in District 6, vote a write in of NONE. http://noneforsix.blogspot.com/ .

10/29/2007 6:11 PM PT  

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