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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Western Washington Wind Storm Aftermath in Photos

We had quite a wind storm here a couple of nights ago.

The power is back now after being out about 36 hours, and the photographic evidence accumulating online of the damage is pretty astounding.

The Seattle PI has sets of photos here, here and here. They also have a set of photos sent in by readers.

The Seattle Times has photos here, here and here.

KIRO TV has various images accessible from here, and KING 5 TV has a bunch of amazing photos as well.

You'd almost think that Tolkien's Ents had unleashed their anger on us what with all the trees that have smashed homes and vehicles in the region. The trees just don't like our cars and houses.

One cause for a lot of the fallen trees has been the massive amount of new development in the area. The thinning of groves have caused the trees that remained to have weaker root systems and less protection from the elements, leaving them easy prey for the high wind gusts we got Thursday night. A lot of damage occurred at Redmond Ridge, a community that has been built on top of a hill that was quite recently nothing but a forest of trees.

Not surprisingly Governor Gregoire has declared a state of emergency following the fierce and damaging wind storm.

Power came back on here around 11am today. Temperatures last night dipped close to 50°F, and 3 hours later the heater is still running trying to warm the place back up. But it appears we've lucked out with no visible damage from the storms unlike what is seen in these photos.

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