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Thursday, December 28, 2006

3000 U.S. Fatalities in Iraq War: This Madness Must End!

Just under a year ago I delivered my predictions for 2006 (something I intend to do again this weekend for 2007, so come back for those then) and I wrote the following:

We know that the war in Iraq will continue to be one of the biggest stories. If the military fatalities occur at the same rate that they have this past year, we'll be writing about the 3000 deaths mark next December. There will be renewed pressure for the Bush administration to reduce the number of troops in Iraq significantly simply to appease Republican's concerned they may lose their seats over the issue. There will be a loud debate as to the prudence of such a move, but Americans will be loath to prolong the campaign - even more than they are now. Meanwhile, indications already seem to point to the situation in Iraq possibly heading toward a civil war. The Kurds are already preparing for what they believe is an inevitable clash. The Sunnis are definitely unhappy about the outcome of the recent elections and it is unclear that they can be appeased through further democratic means. 2006 may be the worst year yet in Bush's naïve foray into remaking the Middle East.
Today the U.S. fatality count in Iraq is at 2992, only 8 away from 3000 with three more days to go, meaning that it is very possible the dubious milestone will be reached before the year is done.

December has been a very bloody month, already the fifth worst in terms of U.S. fatalities in the Iraq War, and should we reach 3000 within the next three days, it will become the third worst, and the worst since November 2004.

Meanwhile, rather than decreasing the troop level in Iraq, and despite the suggestions from the recent Iraqi Study Group report and Democratic Party wins in November, Bush appears intent on increasing the troop count, and the inevitable body count that goes with doing so.

This is truly madness.

These people seem capable of convincing themselves that with just another "surge" we can defeat the insurgency and restore stability to Iraq. Only in their wildest dreams! Yet, they seem to live in a dream world, detached from reality, and no manner of argument seems likely to change that. The only surge that's going on is the increase in deadly violence in Iraq, and another 20,000 U.S. troops isn't going to do anything more than add fuel to the raging fire.

The only way things will change will be when Bush and Cheney are no longer in office, and unless they are kicked out by Congress, that's not going to be for another two long years yet. I've not been a proponent for impeachment, but that might be what is necessary now to put a stop to this. Even if the process manages to disrupt the Bush/Cheney warmongering just a little, then I'm all for it. As a nation, we have been taken hostage by this administration and their disastrous policies, and it is time we fought back with whatever tools our democracy has provided to us.

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