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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Now Let The Counting Commence

It has been a long day already.

The night has just begun.

I got up bright and early today and headed to the Darcy Burner campaign to help canvass, as did hundreds of other supporters. Our task: further help get out the vote.

By lunchtime I'd complete my first two precincts in Bellevue and returned back to our base for more.

Be careful what you ask for, they say. Indeed, paired up with another volunteer, Austin, we were provided with three more precincts.

Turns out these were in a the same area I canvassed on Sunday. We were checking back in with voters that still may not have voted. Since I was familiar with the streets and the voters, having talked to many of them, we were able to make quick work of the first precinct. After a stop to top off the oil levels in my car (a lot of idling can eat up an engine's oil fast), we attacked the second precinct. However, by that time it was becoming clear we wouldn't have time to complete a third precinct, so we called back to base to let them know so someone else could be assigned the area. While I did the driving, Austin jumped out at each stop to make contact with the voters. He did a great job for his first time out.

Oh, and it was raining - of course!

After eight hours of canvassing, we headed back to base and reported in.

But it isn't over yet! Volunteers continue to come in to help with last minute canvassing as people get home from work, encouraging them to head to their polling place, or to take their absentee ballots to a polling place if they haven't yet mailed it.

So now I'm watching returns come in from other races nationwide, and so far we're seeing some very promising results. Sherrod Brown winning in Ohio, Santorum losing in Pennsylvania, Webb neck and neck in Virginia, Cardin just now being projected a winner in Maryland.

Pretty soon people will be heading to the various campaign party locations, or Drinking Liberally. It is hard to say how the national scene is reflected locally, but everyone will be watching results all night, as the 8th congressional race, and many other races are expected to be very close.

Hope to see you there!

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