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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Iraqi Civil War - Media Finally Waking Up to Reality

Earlier this week NBC decided they were going to call the situation in Iraq a "civil war".

This has apparently sparked a big debate about whether they are correct in doing so. For my part all I can say is that it's about time!

Three years after 9/11 I wrote the following:
If Americans truly understood the intricacies and realities of the situation in Iraq I believe they would be less supportive of our continued presence, let alone the fact this administration embroiled our nation in Iraq in the first place.

Chatham House, aka The Royal Institute of International Affairs, recently concluded that a major civil war that would destabilize the entire Middle east region is the mostly likely outcome for Iraq if current conditions continue.

The fact of the matter is that this is already a civil war. Just because it is US bombs and bullets that are trying to pacify the insurgents, doesn't hide the actuality that the insurgency is in a life and death struggle against the US supported interim Iraqi government, and in most situations they are also fighting against newly trained Iraqi soldiers.

When Iraqis are fighting Iraqis that's a civil war, regardless of where each side is getting its military assistance. When Iraqis are fighting each other in an internal power struggle, that's a civil war. What in the world are our troops doing fighting in the midst of another nation's civil war? How many more naive and wrong decisions by this President must we suffer through before the media starts reporting it for what it has become?
That was almost 26 months ago.

While pundits like O'Reilly and Scarborough bicker over the sad reality, those directly affected don't give a hoot what we call it, all they know is that the situation in Iraq is dire and Iraqis worry about their safety and their families, while living in fear.

When I hear people saying that the media isn't reporting all the good things that are going on in Iraq, all I can think of are the personal stories from people in Iraq that I have come to know about that paint a picture of surviving as if a prisoner in your own home, afraid to go out, lacking electricity for hours on end every day, unable to earn a living, unable to raise a family normally, unable to escape to a safer place because you have nowhere to go.

No, the media hasn't been reporting the brutal reality in Iraq enough, and the fact some are now openly declaring Iraq is in the midst of a civil war is long overdue. Until we face up to that we will be simply deluding ourselves, with little chance of doing something about it.

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Comment by: Blogger Ian

I agree with you on all that. However, I think that the war is not at all a failure for the people that precipitated it. Far from it, it has already successfully served its intended purpose and achieved its primary goals for the Bush Administration and its handlers, i.e. to create a political climate that would ensure re-election for Bush in 2004, to cause a massive redistribution of income from taxpayers over to shareholders and executives of major military contractors, and lastly show the Chinese how far this country will go to protect its energy interests. These were the real reasons for war and they have borne the intended fruits. Now it's time to hand the ensuing mess over to the Democrats to try to clean up.

12/01/2006 7:48 AM PT  

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