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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Luke Esser - "Mr. No" Must Go

The Stranger had an item the other day that struck me as so fitting:

Eastside Republican State Senator Luke Esser - currently facing a tough challenge from former Republican state-house member turned Democratic candidate Rodney Tom - had a date in King County Superior Court with MBNA America Bank, which was going after Esser over delinquent credit-card debt. However, according to MBNA America's lawyers, the fiscal conservative finally paid off the court-worthy debt before the scheduled October 3 hearing.
Luke Esser is running against Democrat Rodney Tom for 48th Legislative District State Senator in what is being called the "race of the year".

Not only is it just like a Republican to be in debt these days, what with the record deficits the national Republican party has created year after year, and the stupendously huge national debt that it has caused, but this particular Republican, ultra-conservative (but obviously not fiscally so) Luke Esser, is trying to run his campaign on the theme that government should live within its means, and that his opponent is going to waste tax-payer money.

So how do Esser's own finances measure up to his public discourse? Obviously not that well. As a legislator Esser makes only $35,254 ($36,311 as of September) a year. However, as a licensed attorney in the Attorney General's office he is making about $80K a year. So a man who is making a comfortable six-figures in wages has to be served notice to appear in court about an unpaid $6500 credit card debt?

It is the height of hypocrisy for Esser to paint himself as Mr. Fiscally Responsible, when with his own finances he doesn't pay off his debts until he's dragged into court.

But that's Esser for you.

Darryl at Hominid Views points out how Esser misses the mark in other ways, such as his voting record against his district's predominantly pro-choice constituency, his voting record against transportation, his voting record against education, and his voting record against non-discrimination laws.

Rodney Tom calls Esser, "Mr. No", despite Esser's hypocritical and cynical crusading.

And then there are the suggestions that Esser may in fact be just another overcompensating, repressed closet homosexual. Hypocrisy, again, would be the issue if that were true, not the homosexuality.

The Seattle Times, reporting on the race and the amount of money pouring into it, wrote:

Esser says voters do support some of his views, such as opposition to gay marriage, and even when they don't, "at least they know where I'm coming from."
Actually, only a minority of voters support most of his views, and just knowing where Esser comes from is all the reason why he's the wrong man for the 48th.

At the end of the day, Esser is the one that can't be trusted to represent the values and the positions of the citizens of the 48th, which is why we need to send him packing and elect Rodney Tom to take his place come November 7th.

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Comment by: Anonymous Darryl

Nice post on Esser, Daniel. He is living in the past if he believes that the 48th is made up of homophobes and "pro-lifers." I believe he is in for a surprise this fall.

10/14/2006 1:28 AM PT  
Comment by: Anonymous Particle Man

Well, Esser is an off the charts hypocrite, and when Jim West left the senate it was Luke who took over as the states most anti-gay gay man. Just this last session he spoke with such rage as the civil rights bill was debated and then just after that debate in an effort to amplify opposition to gay marriage.
And the issue most certainly is not about his being gay. Our state has benifited greatly from the work of gay legislators and if anything can be said about them it would be that they have been amoung the brightest and most skilled to serve our state.

10/14/2006 5:26 PM PT  

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