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Friday, September 01, 2006

Damn Lies and Damn Drunk Driving

Jerry Cornfield of the The Herald did some good old fashioned reporting today:

McGavick wrote online that he and his current wife, Gaelynn, were driving home from several parties in which friends toasted them as a new couple. He said he was stopped by police and cited for driving under the influence of alcohol when he "cut a yellow light too close."

The police report states the officer observed a car "drive through a steady red signal" at an intersection a couple miles north of the District of Columbia, where McGavick, then 35, worked for the American Insurance Association.

When McGavick rolled the window down on his white Mazda Miata, a strong odor of alcohol greeted the officer, according to the report. McGavick told the officer he had "two, maybe three beers" during the previous five hours.

The officer had McGavick get out of the car for sobriety tests. The report described McGavick as having a flushed face, slurred speech and a swaying body. His demeanor was described as polite, cooperative and sleepy.

McGavick failed sobriety tests in which the officer moved his finger side to side and up and down. McGavick did better when he was asked to walk heel-to-toe on a line and stand on one leg.

After the tests, the officer handcuffed McGavick and drove him to the Bethesda, Md., police station. McGavick fell asleep while waiting to have his blood alcohol level measured, according to the police report.

His car was towed from the scene.
Because his current wife, Gaelynn, was also too drunk to drive!

That could have been one smashing start to their relationship were they to have hit another car or a pedestrian while blowing through that red light.

David Postman was nice enough to point to a copy of the DWI report.

Neil Modie at the Seattle PI takes the account further:

the police report and a police spokesman Friday said McGavick was placed under arrest, handcuffed, driven to a district police station and handcuffed to a desk while he was questioned and signed various forms.
So McGavick wasn't really telling the truth about his traffic violation.

- He didn't just "cut a yellow light too close", he ran a full red light.

- He didn't just get a ticket, he was arrested.

- He wasn't just drunk, he was wasted and his 0.17 blood alcohol level was measured 90 minutes after he was stopped, after having, in his words, only "two, maybe three beers".
So what does he have to say for himself now? Nothing. He won't comment:

[Campaign spokesman Elliott Bundy said] "The interviews were given. Questions have been asked and answered. We don't have any further comment on this."
Sorry Mike, but you don't get to decide such things anymore if you still want to represent 6 million Washingtonians as Senator. You don't get to control what information about this incident gets out, and what about it you will talk about. You brought it up in the first place, and while you should probably fire whoever it was that suggested it was a good idea (we know you're well versed with giving out pink slips), you've gone on the record with one lie after another regarding the revelation, and the public has a right to shine a bright light in your face about it and ask further questions about it. Because if you really can't tell the truth about the matters you insist you will tell us the truth about, then no one can believe you ever will.

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