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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bawk Bawk! Reichert Chickens Out of KUOW Show

Bush protégé, Dave Reichert, was supposed to be a guest on Weekday, on KUOW Friday morning at 9am.

Not gonna happen - he's chickened out.

Well, hardly a surprise from the man who walked out of a debate against his Republican opponents in 2004. He couldn't take the heat. The reaction then?

"We'd always heard that Dave Reichert had a glass jaw and a real aversion to criticism," said Brett Bader, Esser's campaign strategist.

"It's great to be on the national TV and take all kinds of softball questions about catching the Green River Killer," Bader said. "It's another thing to compete in the political world."


"Campaigns are tough, and often people disagree on the issues and that's the reality and if you're going to run in a campaign, you need to have a backbone to stand up to people who might disagree with you," [Tebelius] said.

Dan Brady, spokesman for Tebelius' campaign, said Reichert is not ready to run for Congress. "This is nothing. How is he going to defend himself in a general election or in Congress? This kind of criticism of your record occurs every day in Congress."
The invisible, inaccessible congressman, unable to formulate more than a few coherent sentences in any one speech -- especially if he can't talk about the only thing he seems to spend time thinking about, the Green River killer -- can't put his record up to public scrutiny.

So no questions from regular callers, or Steve Scher for Dave Reichert - if he can't pre-screen the question, he won't take the question. Just like George Bush.

Bawk Bawk BAKAW!

Meanwhile, stepping in for the do nothing, rubber-chicken-stamp congressman on the show will be his Democratic opponent, Darcy Burner, fresh off another great fundraising quarter. So tune in and instead find out more about the candidate and why she should be the next congresswoman from the 8th District.

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Comment by: Blogger King Dremel

Same old Democrat bahaaing going on here. Nothing new. Republicans are all bad, Democrats are all good. Crapola. BOTH parties need refaced. And when the Democrats lose the Presidential race .. AGAIN .. they will implode. There is no way in "heck" Hillary stands a chance. The Dems better have a better plan then running her. These "cut and runners" haven't a clue.

7/07/2006 8:31 PM PT  
Comment by: Blogger Daniel Kirkdorffer

The only "cut and running" going on here is Reichert from a public debate on the issues.

7/07/2006 8:46 PM PT  

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