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Thursday, June 01, 2006

WA GOP Self Destructing

The damage control continues on the heels of last weekend's extreme position regarding immigration issues taken by the WA State Republican Party, in which they ignore the 14th Amendment and deny automatic citizenship to any child born in this country to an illegal immigrant.

It would seem that the politicians have received a memo that calls for them to harp on the "frustration" people supposedly have about this issue:

Mike McGavick: "I feel that the expression of frustration coming out of Yakima is shared by many people, whether they agree with the particular solutions or not."

Diane Tebelius: "The voters in this state and nationally are totally frustrated about illegal immigration... We need some resolution."

Dave Reichert: Voters -- including Hispanics -- are frustrated by a broken immigration system and want their leaders to take strong views.

You know what, I'm frustrated too!

I'm frustrated that this issue is taking up so much of our energies in the face of other more pressing ones, such as focusing on reducing the national debt and deficit, dealing with the mess in Iraq, providing national health care to all Americans, helping 37 million Americans out of poverty, fixing our nation's infrastructure, addressing real gaps in our country's security, creating a "Moon Shot" type alternative energy initiative, and so on.

Instead the GOP has created this immigration issue which distracts us from all of these problems.

It is only right therefore that with it they've created a divisive issue that is pitting the various factions of their party against one another. This is an issue that is bringing out the worst of the bigots and racists who cannot help themselves when presented with such an opportunity. It is an issue that if given the chance they would want to address and resolve behind closed doors, out of the public eye. The fact that the primary right wing blog in Washington state, Sound Politics, hasn't had a single entry regarding it or even regarding the recent state convention, is a telling indicator that this is dirty laundry that they'd rather not air publicly, and that this brouhaha regarding their immigration platform is one they'd like to see go away quietly.

But it hasn't and it won't.

It is rare for a state convention and a party's platform to receive national and global attention, and often any free publicity is good, but not in this case. The national and global media has been covering this, from Lou Dobbs on CNN, to the Guardian (that perpetuates the AP's story in which Diane Tebelius is humorously misnamed Diane Tubeless!).

Mike McKenna stated earlier this week that "By and large, voters don't pay much attention to the platform", but quite clearly that's not the case this time, and bravo for that. While the GOP is eating their own trying to determine which radical branch controls the party, the Constitutionalist Destructionists, the Republicans for Reagan, Bigots Are Us or some other group, they are quickly losing a lot of legal voters of Hispanic origin who will have not taken likely to racist comments such as these...

On babies, a Spokane delegate told the convention that in Southern California hospitals are "flooded with illegal aliens trying to have babies." She said the problem is spreading to Washington. "They are called anchor babies and once they are born they can get welfare and all sorts of stuff." She later said that people who are white are being denied benefits given "to people who are brown."
And this gem from soon to be ex-congressman Dave Reichert:

"It makes sense to me. This is people taking advantage of the system," he said. Reichert said that he has heard stories of pregnant Mexican women "just moments before the baby is born crossing the border and having the baby in a parking lot ... then claiming they can't leave because their baby is a citizen."
David Postman has just posted another piece at his blog on the Hispanic backlash and it ain't pretty:

Raul Diaz, chairman of the Washington State Republican National Hispanic Assembly...

I'm no longer going to sit here and be the puppet for the Republican Party, for a few small-minded people who came through and did this. The 14th Amendment, you cannot take that away. You cannot take away these laws written by our forefathers.

If you took Diane Tebelius and you took these people who passed this agenda and put them in Alabama, slavery would come back in our lifetime.


As the chairman of the Hispanic Republican Party, I'm coming out and taking a stand against the Republican Party of the state of Washington and the platform. It hurts because they went after the kids. They didn't go after the parents. Shame on them. Shame on them.
Shame on them indeed.

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Comment by: Blogger Osculatrix

Great info, great analysis. Thanks, Daniel.

Interesting Mr. Diaz doesn't see the larger shame of the national Republican party -- the attacks on children coming from our national government.

6/01/2006 9:54 AM PT  
Comment by: Anonymous KevinHayden

It is shameful, but the latest polls show that concern about immigration, as a leading issue, has reached double digits for the first time. For most of the country, in the last four months, a non issue has become an issue of import.

Nearly everyone has a different perception of what the problem actually is, and the ways to 'solve' the problem range wider still.

And the real answer is entirely different: if your world seems amiss, the people who made it so should take responsibility for their mistakes or sins and quit blaming everyone else, especially the weakest and most disadvantaged.

6/03/2006 2:28 AM PT  
Comment by: Blogger Don

The entire aprty is in trouble. How can one say they are conservatives and then spend money like drunken sailors, refuse to enforce the law and try to make a social experiment out of the Constitution?


6/08/2006 4:47 AM PT  

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