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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Reichert Electioneering With Tax Payer Dollars

I write letters:

Dear Congressman Reichert,

I have been receiving multiple mailings from your office this week that I believe violate congressional franking laws. As a lawman, you should be aware of these laws. These mailings are full of propaganda about your accomplishments and are clearly within the 90 day period before an election with the Primaries in September.

These violations are all the more galling in that they are paid for by tax payer money, which is what franking is all about.

If you do not desist I will take this matter to the press and write about it in every online forum I have access to. I have no faith the do nothing Ethics Committee will do anything about it - no thanks to your do nothing approach to ethics.

Go spend Tom DeLay's ARMPAC money for your electioneering - lay off my tax payer dollars!


Daniel Kirkdorffer
8th District Constituent

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