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Friday, April 21, 2006

Turning WA 48th Blue

I attended the monthly 48th Dems meeting on Wednesday and we got to meet all the state legislative candidates. There was Deb, Eddy, Rodney, Tom, Ross and Hunter.

Well not quite, but one certainly can't be blamed for getting confused with these three candidates: Deb Eddy, Rodney Tom and Ross Hunter. Where'd they get off having last names that could be first names - that's just wrong! They need a good, hard to say and spell last name like my own.

They don't know how good they've got it.

Actually, a short name certainly does help in a political race. It is easier to understand and fits on a lawn sign much better: you can use larger print - ask Rodney Tom who said it helped him get a few votes.

Dwight Pelz also visited and gave a good talk about the priorities of the party and focusing on the goal of electing Democratic candidates. Pelz has been visiting district after district since he became Democratic Party State Chair earlier this year. He indicated the 48th was his 22nd or 23rd district so far.

There were a few grumbles from those in attendance regarding Maria Cantwell, but on the whole, everyone recognized what was the most important thing come November, and that was taking back the majority in Congress and that we cannot do that if we allow McGavick to win Cantwell's seat. This has to be kept in mind when looking at Cantwell's approval ratings, and the polls will certainly reflect an unease and concern over some of Cantwell's positions, but I do not think her approval rating equates to her eventual voter support. There are a lot of Democrats who would openly state in a poll that they disapprove of Cantwell, yet not hesitate to vote for her versus her truly dangerous opponent, Mike McGavick.

Meanwhile, back to the local races, the focus is on Deb Eddy and Rodney Tom. Eddy is running to fill the seat that Tom is looking to vacate as he himself looks to unseat incumbent Republican state senator Luke Esser.

Deb Eddy presented herself to the group, and also introduced her campaign manager who will help provide technical expertise for her campaign as well as logistical coordination. She was vibrant and should be able to connect with the constituents well.

Rodney Tom spoke longer, as would be expected before a crowd eager to hear more about the newest Democrat in the room. I found him to be passionate about the issues Democrats are all concerned about, as well as the district he knows well having lived in the general area his whole life. Tom sees the Republican party as out of touch. Regarding Esser, Tom called him "Mr. No", as on issue after issue, such as when his constituents have been voting for transportation issues, he's been voting no. Esser's extreme right wing positions in a left leaning district certainly help amplify the differences between him and Tom. But as Ross Hunter, sporting his fashionable non-coiffure, correctly pointed out, every Democratic candidate will need to not just point out the failings of their Republican opponents, but present a positive vision of their own for the future of the district, the state and the nation as a whole. Tom certainly has the tools to do that and his campaign is moving forward, talking to donors, establishing a new Web site, and getting out to meet people.

I should also mention that one time candidate Debi Golden was there just long enough to formally throw her support behind Rodney Tom. She then had to dash off to another commitment.

I have updated my ActBlue page with all three candidates, however, for now ActBlue cannot handle local races, but you can help them to be able to as well. My ActBlue site can still be used as a stepping stone to each candidate.

Best of luck to all the candidates, and an extra thought for Ross Hunter, a real inspiration, as he grows his hair back!

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Comment by: Blogger Osculatrix

Ach, my name too - Maxwell Vassilakis -- it's a doozy. So's my first. I understand.

Well, we have a chance to get the 47th all blue, too. It'll be like dominoes.

For the first time since the 1980s, we've got two Dems in there, Representatives Geoff Simpson and Pat Sullivan. And now Republican Steve Johnson's stepping down from the seat to run for the Supreme Court -- and Baby Reichert (Dave's younger brother Steve) who had filed to run -- has demurred (old unspecified injury)...

So our two Dem. candidates, Ed Crawford and Claudia Kauffman, have an even better chance now to prevail against the new Republican candidate, retired air traffic controller Mike Riley.

4/21/2006 10:38 AM PT  

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