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Monday, April 03, 2006

Eyman Lies On Referendum Petitions

Andrew at NPI and Goldy at HorsesAss are reporting that Tim Eyman's petitions for R-65, his bigoted anti-gay measure to overturn the landmark gay civil rights legislation, have the following banner across the top of them:

Eyman Lies On Referendum Petitions

This is outrageous!

The legislation does NOT provide gays and lesbians with preferential treatment, it only provides them with the same equal civil rights protections everyone else receives.

The legislation does NOT mean or enforce quotas, in fact the Ballot Measure Summary clearly states, "employment goals or quotas are not required".

The legislation does NOT grant them the right to same-sex marriage, in fact the Ballot Measure Summary clearly states, "State marriage laws are not modified".

People who put their name on such a petition will be doing so via deceit and lies. How can such petitions be valid? How can they be accepted as anything but vile and unethical distortions of the truth? The media must start taking Eyman to task about these and other abuses of the people's trust, and the referendum and initiative system.

This cannot stand!

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