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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Voters Support Tax Levies

Republicans would tell you that taxes are evil, and GOP legislators will rarely vote for a tax, unless it benefits their rich friends.

However, if you review the returns from today's special election in King County, the voters appear to paint a different picture regarding taxes, and our support for them. Almost every proposed school district levy is passing with the minimum required percentage of yes votes.

This tells us that voters support schools, but it also tells us that they recognize the need for taxes to do so because money for such things doesn't grow on trees. And where are these taxes going to be added? To our property taxes. That's right, the same property taxes that we're to believe citizens - parents of school age children - are up in arms about governments raising.

Recall this was one of Tim Eyman's other causes, capping property tax increases. Eyman saw this cash cow initiative opportunity and like candy from heaven, voters couldn't resist voting for an initiative that seemed to be all roses and springtime meadow scented wonderfulness.

Except, the truth is Eyman's anti-property tax initiatives, while lining his pockets, offered voters a thorny future. Local governments faced with lost revenues have had to struggle to raise the funds needed for essential services, or unfunded federal mandates, of which Bush's government has created a ton.

These early election results appear to be proof that, in King County at least, schools are important enough to pay for out of our property tax dollars. Supporting schools and education for our future wage earners this way is our patriotic duty. The same such support by our parents and grandparents is what helped provide the educational opportunities that we ourselves have benefitted from. Let's hope voters remember these lessons the next time Tim Eyman and his snakeskin oil salesmen come asking for signatures for their next harebrained anti-tax scheme.

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