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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Sign The Cantwell Petition Against Stevens' Bill

Senator Maria Cantwell has been much in the headlines lately due to her efforts to shine a light on oil prices at the pump and her battles against Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska).

She's joined star New York Attorney General, and gubernatorial candidate Eliot Spitzer in a joint news conference this past week addressing a Cantwell bill being proposed that would force Congress to review profiteering complaints.

The next day during a Senate hearing with oil company executives, she sparred with Senator Stevens when she asked for the witnesses to be sworn in. Stevens exerted his position as chairman of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee and forceful, even rudely, denied the request.

Cantwell had previously angered Stevens when she proposed an amendment that would have removed ANWR drilling from the Senate version of the budgetary cuts bill. The amendment barely failed.

Now Stevens has proposed legislation that would allow increased tanker traffic in the Puget Sound, and Cantwell is ramping up the fight to defeat the proposal, threatening to filibuster it.

She is also asking for the people of the Puget Sound to make their voice heard by signing a petition at cantwell.com. She writes:

Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska has introduced a bill to repeal the Magnuson Amendment, a law written by Washington's own Warren Magnuson in 1977 to limit oil tanker traffic in Puget Sound. The Magnuson Amendment has kept the Cherry Point Refinery near Bellingham from becoming a super-port for oil to be shipped overseas and across the country. Stevens' bill will undo these protections. If it passes, pristine Puget Sound is at risk for oil spills, with little economic or energy benefit to our state.

Senator Stevens has also suggested that Cherry Point should expand dramatically to refine oil taken from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. As you know, I have been leading the fight in the Senate against under-handed measures to open the Refuge to drilling, and I intend to fight this expansion. Stevens' plan will quietly reverse important protections supported by Washington's Republicans and Democrats for decades.

Last month, Democrats and Republicans in the House blocked a similar plan, but Senator Stevens is trying again. And this time he is keeping a low profile. But we can't let him get away with it. We have to show Senator Stevens that Washington state won't stand by silently and let one of our greatest treasures fall to the whims of greedy oil companies. Please join me in signing this petition to keep the Magnuson Amendment in place and protect Washington's waterways and coastlines from being overrun with oil tankers.

Please sign this petition and forward it on to your friends and family. I intend to fight this battle to the end and I hope I can count on you to stand by my side.
This is important. Senator Stevens has become a poster boy for bullying and offensive Republican tactics in D.C. His "Bridge To Nowhere" (a bridge that would cost $223 million to service 50 people) has been the top target for pork trimming legislators, but Stevens has thrown his weight around to ensure the bridge is funding by federal taxpayer dollars. Now he wants to get back at Cantwell by screwing with our waters. It is time we told Senator Stevens to back off, so please sign the Cantwell petition.

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