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Various Git Commands

  git diff           < diff of what is changed but not staged
  git diff --staged  < diff of what is staged but not committed
  git diff HEAD      < diff of the current state of the files as compared against the most recent commit
  git show <hash>    < diff of a specific commit
  git log origin/master..master             < lists unpushed commits
  git log origin/master..master --oneline
  git commit --amend  < change last commit message
  git rebase -i       < choose and mark the commit to "reword"
  git reset --hard HEAD  < Restore working to last committed state
  git reset --hard       < same
  git reset --hard MYTAG < Restore working to MYTAG tag reference point
  git log --stat -M                    < shows "renames" instead of deletes and adds
  git log --stat -C -C                 < shows "copies" if that's likely what happened
  git log --stat --find-copies-harder  < same
  git log -- deletedFile.txt           < find a deleted file in log history
  git add -u .     < Add tracked files in the staging area rather than the working tree
  git add -A .     < Add files in the working tree in addition to the staging area
  git add --all .  < same
  git fetch        < retrieval without merging to work in progress
  git merge        < merges what has been fetched in to working files
  git pull         < retrieval with merge into work in progress
  git log --graph --pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit --decorate --all -5
  git branch           < local branches
  git branch -r        < local remote branches
  git branch -a        < local and local remote branches
  git ls-remote origin < remote branches
  git ls-remote        < same
  git branch <branchname>           < create new local branch <branchname>
  git checkout <branchname>         < switch to local branch <branchname>
  git checkout -b <branchname>      < create and switch to new local branch <branchname>
  git push -u origin <branchname>   < publishes local branch to remote origin
  git checkout master
  git merge <branchname>  < merges local branch to checked out branch (master in this case)
  git stash                      < push onto a local stash stack
  git stash pop                  < pop the local stash stack
  git stash apply                < same
  git stash branch <branchname>  < create branch <branchname> from top of local stash stack
  git branch <branchname> THETAGNAME  < create branch <branchname> from tag THETAGNAME
  git config --get-regexp alias  < list aliases
  Alias examples:
  git config --global alias.aliases "config --get-regexp 'alias.*'"
  git config --global alias.s "status -u -s"
  git config --global alias.logfive "log --graph --pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit --decorate --all -5" 
  hist = log --pretty=format:\"%h %ad | %s%d [%an]\" --graph --date=short
  aliases = config --get-regexp \"alias.*\"
  unpushed-commits = log origin/master..master --date=\"local\" --pretty=format:\"%H %cd - %s\"
  statii = "!f() { echo \"Unpushed Commits:\"; echo; git unpushed-commits; echo; echo \"Status of Tracked Files:\"; echo; git status -uno; }; f"
  unpushed = "!f() { git log origin/$1..$1 --date=\"local\" --pretty=format:\"%H %cd - %s\"; }; f"
  pullr = "!f() { echo \"Stashing uncommitted work...\"; echo; git stash clear; git stash; echo; echo \"Pulling latest changes with rebase...\"; echo; git pull --rebase; echo; echo \"Applying previously stashed work...\"; echo; git stash apply; }; f"
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