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Monday, September 22, 2008

So You Think You're Registered To Vote? Think Again!

Hundreds of thousands of Washingtonians have been scrubbed from the voter registration rolls since 2006:
(Seattle PI) Since 2006, more than 450,000 voter registrations were canceled; of those, nearly 95,000 were ineligible felons or dead, and almost 55,000 were canceled because they duplicated registrations that already existed. The rest were people who moved out of state, asked to be removed, or had not voted in the years covering two federal general elections.
Time is running out to register to vote if you're not registered. You can check to see if you are registered at the Secretary of State Web site.

You can also register to vote online until October 4th. After that you have to register in person up until 15 days before the election.

Don't delay only to find out the hard way that you're not registered when it is too late. It only takes a second to find out now.

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