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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Rising From The Ashes

Political candidates will have their good and bad days, but this was one rough day Darcy Burner certainly didn't envision with just over four months until election day. The above photo shows a distraught Darcy in front of the charred remains of her house. While the house is a complete loss, the Burner family thankfully made it out safely. Unfortunately they did lose their pet cat to the flames.

It is easy to dehumanize candidates during a heated campaign, but then with a thud, stuff like this happens and suddenly the political race seems far less important than the need to pick oneself back up and rebuild a home and a life.

We learn a lot about other people, and about ourselves in times of adversity. The Burners will have a different outlook on things because of this personal loss, but I suspect they will also bounce back strong, and Darcy, the candidate, will find renewed determination to do whatever it takes over the next four months to win the election so she can work in Congress to end the war in Iraq.

We need to do whatever we can to help.

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