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Friday, May 16, 2008

The Truth Behind Reichert's Voting Record - Part 3

This is Part 3 of an ongoing series of postings looking closely at Dave Reichert's voting record.

In Part 1 I explained how Reichert has been manipulating his votes to shore up his "moderate" image, and how the mainstream media has effectively ignored seeking the truth behind them.

In Part 2 I took a closer look at the third such example of Reichert opposing legislation before flipping his position to vote for the bill on final passage. The bill was H.R.6, the "Creating Long-Term Energy Alternatives for the Nation Act", and it followed a pattern of voting seen on a number of subsequent bills. Reichert first opposed the bill, and was even a signatory to a pledge by Republicans to oppose the bill, but then remarkably voted for the bill.

In Part 3 I'm going to take a look at the next bill Reichert flip-flopped on, H.J.RES 20, "Further Continuing Appropriations for FY 2007", voted on Wednesday, January 31, 2007.

For this bill we're focusing on roll calls 66 through 72 from last year.

As usual, Republicans strove to block the Democratic agenda by voting against considering the resolution via House Resolution 116. The vote, "Providing for the consideration of H.J. Res. 20" passed, 227-192, with near unanimous Republican opposition, including Reichert "nay" vote. The resolution was then voted on, and again it passed, 225-191, but again with near unanimous Republican opposition, including Reichert "nay" vote.

Discussion and voting then began on H.J.Res 20, "Further Continuing Appropriations for FY 2007":
- A motion was made to consider the joint resolution, and it passed 222-179. No Democrats voted against the motion, and Reichert joined all but four Republicans opposing it.
- That wasn't enough for Republicans who moved to reconsider the vote. A motion was made to table the motion to reconsider and it passed 226-180, again with Reichert and practically all Republicans voting against it.
- Republicans objected to the content of the measure, and their objection was overruled, at which point the appealed the ruling, which was followed by a motion to table the appeal. That motion passed 226-184 and once again no Democrats voted against the motion, and Reichert joined Republicans opposing it.
- After an hour of debate on the joint resolution, Republicans moved to recommit it with instructions, essentially in a final effort to kill the resolution. That motion failed 196-228, with near unanimous Republican backing, including Reichert's.
- Finally, the bill came up for a final passage vote and passed 286-140, with 57 Republicans voting for the bill, including Dave Reichert, but 138 of them against it.
All in a days work I guess.

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