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Friday, April 18, 2008

WA-08: 2008 Q1 Fundraising Numbers in Detail

Another look at the WA-08 Q1 numbers:

WA-08 Q1 2008 Fundraising. Source: Federal Election Commission

Darcy Burner out-raised Reichert in the 4th quarter by almost $200,000. That's on top of her almost $100,000 edge the quarter before.

As compared to Reichert's numbers from two years ago, he has raised $35,848 less than back then, while spending $20,928 more. He has $26,682 less cash on hand at this point than he had two years ago. Meanwhile Burner has $564,554 more cash on hand than she did at this point two years ago in a race she started as a complete unknown, and that ended with Reichert eking out a 7000 vote margin of victory.

Without the fundraising support of both George and Laura Bush, Reichert would be behind by another $190,000. Almost a third of the cash he has on hand is directly attributable to the President's and First Lady's support.

Clearly Reichert is not doing as well fundraising this election cycle as he did last election cycle, and Burner is doing very well.

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