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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Darcy Burner Writes Dick Cheney

Darcy Burner, Democratic Candidate for Washington’s 8th Congressional District, has written a letter to Dick Cheney:

April 19, 2006

Office of the Vice President
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. Vice President:

During your recent trip to Washington State to support White House endorsed candidates, you were quoted by both Seattle newspapers as telling 8th District Representative Dave Reichert that you would “campaign for your opponent if it’ll help.”

As Reichert’s Democratic opponent, I would like to take you up on your kind and thoughtful offer and I cordially invite you to come and spend a day campaigning with me in the 8th District. The district reaches from Microsoft’s Redmond Campus to Mount Rainier National Park and offers a microcosm of America. Here are some of the events I would like to plan for your visit to the 8th.

Let’s start at Mount Rainier where we can take in the beautiful and precious parklands and forests. Here you may be able to see clearly why our district so opposed the Republican plan – supported by Mr. Reichert – to make it easier for developers and private interests such as mining companies to take over and ruin these treasured public lands.

Moving north from Mount Rainier, I would like to have you meet with some of our brave Iraq veterans and their families to learn first hand of the inadequate body and vehicle armor your Administration provided them. Also, I am sure National Guard families and veterans will want to ask you why your Administration and Mr. Reichert opposed giving them the same health benefits as the regular military along whose side they have fought.

In Kent, we could meet with some workers who have had their jobs exported oversees and you can explain why the Bush tax policy gives tax breaks to American companies who out source American jobs. They’d like to know why their own tax dollars are being used to help them become unemployed.

Then, perhaps, we could visit a senior center and you could try to explain to our elderly why your prescription drug benefit – supported by Mr. Reichert – is creating such confusion and chaos.

Finally, we could stop at Bellevue Community College where I could easily assemble a group of students who can not understand why the Bush Administration and Mr. Reichert would propose and support making it harder for student to get college loans.

It will be a full day, but it will be a rewarding and interesting one. Again, I greatly appreciate your offer and look forward to your reply.


Darcy Burner
Candidate for Congress
Yesterday we heard an uninspiring message from freshman congressman Dave Reichert. The Seattle Times has a recap of his kickoff event in Bellevue. Here are some choice quotes from it:

"Today is the day we have to renew the American spirit. Today this has to happen," Reichert said. "Can we get an applause on that?"


In an interview after the breakfast, Reichert said he's not worried about the voting history of his district or his freshman status. He said people want to vote for someone they can trust and who can be an "independent thinker and make decisions based on facts."

"There's a special connection between me and voters," Reichert said.

About 30 people protested against Reichert outside Meydenbauer Center before the breakfast. They held signs such as, "Reject Rubberstamp Reichert," and said his votes and beliefs were almost uniformly in line with the views of Bush.
What a laugh! The man has to beg for applause, and he has such a special connection with voters that he's already got people protesting him for hardly being anything like the independent thinker he wants us to believe he is. In contrast, Darcy Burner is standing up for all her future constituents, across the district, working class people, families, students and our military patriots. This is the kind of representation this district needs, not Reichert's pallid and worn out variety that's merely a vote for more of the same in Washington D.C.

This is a time for change. If you can, consider offering your support for Burner. You can do so through her campaign site, or my ActBlue page.

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