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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Obama Supports Cantwell

Illinois Senator, Barack Obama is soliciting our support for our Senator:

She's one tough Senator and, without fail, she has demonstrated the courage of her convictions.

I'm talking about Senator Maria Cantwell, who is a progressive leader in the Senate on so many critical issues -- most notably her continuing battle to promote energy independence and protect our natural environment.

In the face of enormous pressure from powerful oil companies and Republican leaders, Maria Cantwell has refused to bend. And now, over the next three days, she needs us to work for her with that same sense of passion and commitment.

On Friday, Maria faces the most important fundraising deadline of this campaign so far. The Republicans have formally declared that she is a top target for a Republican gain and have hand-picked a millionaire lobbyist, of all people, to challenge her. They are going to spend tens of millions of dollars to defeat her and we cannot let that happen.

I can understand why the Republicans have been so frustrated by Maria's efforts. It's no exaggeration to say that without her personal courage and dogged determination, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge would already be open to oil drilling. But so far, backed by the activism of committed people like you, she has kept it safe.

Now, with a critical March 31 deadline only 72 hours away, we need to keep her safe.

I am a great fan of Maria Cantwell's and value her leadership in the Senate, so much so that I traveled to Washington state to campaign for her just a few weeks ago. And I plan to return as often as necessary to ensure we don't lose her leadership in the Senate.

You and I may believe that Maria Cantwell should be applauded for her courage and leadership. But, the reality is, there are those who think that a Senator standing up for what she believes in is an act that needs to be punished.

They want to make Maria Cantwell pay for daring to stand in their way. But we won't let it happen.

Maria Cantwell knows that real energy independence can never come from yielding to the senseless pleas to turn over pristine lands to oil companies and developers. It comes from taking steps like investing in alternative energy sources, improving conservation, and producing more efficient cars.

Proponents of drilling in the Arctic Refuge and other short-sighted plans want Maria Cantwell out of the way. Time and again, she has stopped them right in their tracks -- and they don't like it one bit.

That's why they plan to pour millions of dollars into the campaign to defeat her. I urge you not to let that happen. Join right now in a powerful 72-hour display of support for a tough, spirited Senator who speaks her mind and stands on principle.

Please send a contribution right now to make sure your gift is counted before the March 31 deadline.


Senator Barack Obama
To make a contribution before the deadline go here.

4 Comment(s):

Comment by: Anonymous dlaw

Proponents of drilling in the Arctic Refuge and other short-sighted plans **have** Maria Cantwell out of the way. Drilling in ANWR is the law of the land. One Time, she stopped them right in their tracks, they didn't like it one bit. So they put ANWR drilling in the Budget bill and Cantwell withdrew her amendment to strip the language.

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge **IS** already open to drilling. This is stupid.

3/28/2006 11:25 PM PT  
Comment by: Blogger Daniel Kirkdorffer

It is not a foregone conclusion as it has to pass the House and there will be strong opposition to it.

3/28/2006 11:29 PM PT  
Comment by: Blogger Patrick

I concur with dlaw. The contrast between a political opportunist like Maria Cantwell and her challenger, Mike McGavick, is clear. He's already building relationships with NW and Western U.S. Senators that will matter for Washingtonians. Cantwell on the other hand would rather get on a soap box and piss off would-be allies in NW issues.

3/29/2006 9:40 AM PT  
Comment by: Blogger Daniel Kirkdorffer

"Building relationships" is what you call it when McGavick reaches out to people, but Cantwell isn't doing that when she diplomatically says that Kempthorne "understands the Northwest and a lot of Interior issues"? That's a double standard.

3/29/2006 8:55 PM PT  

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